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once ingested, the sadCAPSULE™ causes the citizen to expel 1 x single TEARDROP from an eye :'(........which eye? it's impossible to know until the moment of expulsion.

WHY DOES THIS EXIST!? as you may know, citizen........JAM's Planet is a SUPER happy place. this unfamiliar environment is known to cause confusion in a HUMAN over time, eventually leading to UNSPEAKABLE side-effects....GAH! take this CAPSULE if you start feeling WEIRD.

*only available/effective on JAM's Planet. attempting to smuggle a CAPSULE to EARTH = 1 x WET POCKET :(


size: 8 x 8 inches

paper: Hanhemühle smooth Photo Rag (308gsm, 100% Cotton)

front-image: artwork, title, edition number.


    i just want you to be happy :)

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