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ANANTA-machine [AR]

ANANTA-machine [AR]

oh my, it's the ANANTA-machine!


..introducing the 'core unit' ANANTA-machine, built to READ a citizen's ANANTApass™ and facilitate common/daily interactions on JAM's Planet eg. display citizen details, JPLcoin balance, planetary information, buddy list + more! ( created with citizen 64 - Dodgy Roger )


activate [AR] MODE using the EyeJack app to see your PRINT come to life ~ awesome :)


size: 8 x 8 inches

paper: Hanhemühle smooth Photo Rag (308gsm, 100% Cotton)

front-image: artwork, title, edition number.

  • Refund/Return Policy

    JAM's Planet will happily provide a full refund OR exchange for any purchased items that have been damaged during transit (photo evidence required, please email to


i just want you to be happy :)

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